Core Drill

This drill is used to core holes into concrete or block walls and floors to be used for many different application such as pipes, and hand rails to name a few.

Electric Slab Saw

The electric slab saw is used mostly for indoors to cut openings into floors to replace plumbing, electrical lines, and damaged floor that needs to be replaced or fixed.

Gas Slab Saw

The gas slab saw is used for outdoor use, cutting asphalt, and concrete. But its main use is for cutting expansion joint into fresh concrete just before drying completely to reduce the chances of cracking.

Wall Saw

A wall saw is used to cut door and window openings in to concrete by mounting the saw into the wall and makes several passes with different sized blades to cut through the wall.

Hand Saw

The hand saw is used to cut block wall up to 8 inches thick cutting from one side and up to 16 inches thick if we can cut from both sides. This is mainly applied to door and window openings.

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